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Swagelok Winnipeg & Swagelok Saskatoon

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Swagelok Training Services

Swagelok Installation Training - Tube Fitting & Bending Essentials

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The Swagelok Installation Training program - Tube fitting bending essentials, offers comprehensive and integrated hands on
training in tube fitting installation procedures, and in proper tubing handling, fabrication and bending. Register today.  

Also available:

Installation Training program - Tube fitting bending essentials Level 2

Installation Training program - Tube fitting bending essentials - re-certification

Ten Action Points (TAP) for a Steam System

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This program is an exciting one day training course in which attendees work in a team environment to accomplish a host of steam systems energy related tasks. These specialized steam system training programs are designed for facility managers, plant engineers, plant supervisors and individuals looking for more knowledge of steam systems and interested in saving money, energy and increasing steam system reliability.  Register today.


We also offer the training options below:


Hose Essentials

Valve Essentials

Many other courses offered, call us and let us know what you need, we can help.

Please call or email with inquiries about our training; 1-800-256-7776 or