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VMI - Vendor Managed inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory - VMI

Vendor Managed Inventory is the process where the vendor assumes the task of generating purchase orders to replenish a customer's inventory. VMI is a term that is used to describe many types of supply chain initiatives. These different VMI activities can vary substantially in purpose and application.

In all of its forms VMI should be about improving visibility of demand and product flow in a supply chain, facilitating a more timely and accurate replenishment process between a supplier (vendor) and an inventory site (customer, distributor, distribution center, etc).

Swagelok Winnipeg & Swagelok Saskatoon will manage inventory at your site so the products you need are readily available.

Swagelok's Process: Your account manager will discuss with you your requirements, and together you will determine based on your production, the size and volume of your inventory.

Your account manager, along with support staff from our office, will set up the inventory at your site complete with part numbers, pictures and barcodes. Your site's inventory will be customized to fit the way you work.

For more information on Vendor Managed Inventory please call 1-800-256-7776 or email: