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Swagelok Winnipeg & Swagelok Saskatoon

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Application Process

Upon receiving your resume we will email you to confirm we received your application. In this email you will get an attachment with directions to complete your application. Because we want to ensure that Swagelok is a good fit for you, we encourage you to learn about our organization prior to being interviewed. Details will be emailed to your accordingly.

Interview & Selection Process:

1. Human Resources and hiring managers will review all applications and schedule interviews with applicants that best meet job requirements
2. First interviews will be done with HR to give an overview of Swagelok and collect more information about an applicant’s work history, skills and potential fit with Swagelok culture.
3. Leading candidates will be invited back for a second interview with HR, hiring managers and others. Interviews may be on one day or multiple days. Candidates will take a personality profile assessment online.
4. Interviewers will select the final candidate and make a job offer
5. We will notify other applicants once the job has been filled