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Swagelok Winnipeg & Swagelok Saskatoon

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Why Swagelok Central Canada

Our Commitment to our Values.

We believe that a successful, sustainable enterprise starts with being a good corporate citizen. Our corporate values – Customer Focus, Quality, Integrity and respect for the Individual, Innovation and Continuous Improvement – guide everything we do. They’re what we expect from each associate each day. And they’re the reason customers choose to do business with us.

We collaboratively and consistently work on four strategies to become more efficient in our operations and communications while maintaining the growth that we have acquired and the opportunities we have identified for our future.

We focus on Enhancing how the market sees us by Expanding our products and Services.
We Streamline Operational excellence while Improving ourselves and our processes

As an organization; we can significantly improve performance and maintain a superior edge for a long period of time. We’ve fostered a culture where we focus on five factors to achieve competitive advantages that apply worldwide. As we work towards becoming a High Performance Organization, special attention goes towards our Quality of management, Quality of Associates, Long-term Orientation, Openness & Action orientation and Continuous Improvement.